Kristine: Children’s Activity Business Coach

Being an expert in children's activity sector, Kristine helps to grow and scale children’s activity business through her Children's Activity Business Academy

Kristine Monaghan Children's Activity Business Academy

Hey there!

Hi I’m Krissy,

Over the last 10 years in the Children activity sector,  I’ve done it all. I’ve been the director of a London charity, a franchisee, a master franchisee, and a franchisor with a fantastic UK wide network and now a Children’s Activity Business Coach,  all whilst being a mother to 2 young ladies.

I’ve worked from the ground up and so I’ve experienced first-hand the highs and the lows of business ownership. I’ve felt the pain of failure and the absolute joy of success. I’ve worked with the best and the worst but throughout it all I have made it a key goal of mine to turn every hurdle into an opportunity to learn.

It’s this hard won knowledge that I would like to share with you through the Children’s Activity Business Academy. Whether you’re fresh to the idea of being your own boss and you’re simply looking for fresh breeze of motivation, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective, I can be your ultimate coach for children’s activity business.

So, book a FREE discovery call today and let’s see what we can achieve together.


Kristine Monaghan Children's Activity Business Academy


Start a Children's Activity Business

Being the boss of your own Children’s Activity Business can be an incredibly rewarding career move, and one more and more of us are making, but is it for you and if so where do you start and what do you need to know in order to make the right decisions for you, your family and your future?

Join me as we discuss the fundamentals of what you need to consider before taking the leap, and explore whether business ownership is for you and if it is, what should be your next move.


Kristine Monaghan Children's Business Academy

Your foot’s in the door, your business is up and running and you’re chomping at the bit. You want to expand but it’s a competitive market out there and you don’t know where to go next, or you’re simply looking for that edge that will take you ahead of your competition.

What are your options and where do you go next?

Let chat, book your FREE 30 minute discovery call to discuss avenues for growth and opportunities that you may not have considered.


Kristine Monaghan Children's Business Academy

You’ve done it! Your business is thriving, your customers are happy, your social media is epic and you’re making money. What’s more, you’ve created a business model that you believe can be replicated, allowing another like minded entrepreneur to take what you’ve learned and achieve the same level of success in a different part of the world, with of course some guidance from you.

As cloning yourself is not yet an option, how do you scale up and at the same time maintain the reputation and good will that you have worked so hard to achieve for you, your company, your business and your brand?

Join me as we discuss the pros and cons of team expansion and explore the mechanism of franchising and what it would mean to you and your business.

Celebrating Success

Academy Services

Work with me

Kristine Monaghan Children's Activity Business Academy

(One to One)

Sometimes a short sharp blast of inspiration is what you need to help you regain your focus and get you back on track and back on target. At other times you may feel the need for something longer term, shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough.

From a single Power Hour, through to regular business mentoring you can have me one to one for as long as you need me to be there.

Grow with me

Kristine Monaghan Children's Activity Business Academy


It’s difficult to find a network that has you and your business interests at heart, when trying to build your own brand, especially in such a competitive market place.

Work with me through my Market Like A Pop Star programme. Enrolment is now open.

Learn with me

Kristine Monaghan Children's Activity Business Academy

(Digital Courses)

Learn without limits with my Digital Courses, aimed at entrepreneurs in their early stages of business development.

Download the courses that meet your needs and if you’re one of my Academy members, send me your questions and we’ll cover them together in our monthly Q & A.

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