How to launch Your Children’s Activity Business Master Class




You’ve made the decision to start a Children’s Activity Business and now you want to get it off to the best start as possible.

Look no further than my comprehensive master class, Ready, Set, Launch! How to Launch Your Children’s Activity Business.

In this 30 minute masterclass, I’m going to walk you through the steps to consider when launching your business.

I have used this blueprint in my businesses over the past 10 year and it’s never failed.

In this session I’m going to cover;

  • Planning your advertising timeline
  • Sales strategy
  • Content creation
  • Social Media
  • Listing your business online
  • Get out and about in your community
  • Public Relations
  • Community Events
  • Joint ventures with Partners
  • Administration
  • Launch Day
  • Post Launch

Get your Children’s Activity Business off to the best start by following my system into how to launch your Children’s Activity Business.

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