Children’s Activity Business Marketing Calendar


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Do you want to get your Children’s Activity Business marketing organised and planned for 2023?

I’m sharing with you my 2023 Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet.

What I love about this spreadsheet is that it does everything!

You can

  • Plan out your key dates for launching, classes renewals and holidays.
  • Map out your services and products, so you know what to sell and when to sell it.
  • Plan out your blog content for the whole year.
  • Example week of what to post and when.
  • Plan out all your social media posts for each day, week or even month.
  • If you use this spreadsheet for the year, you will have a framework for content to use in 2024.
  • Plan out your email marketing for the year.
  • Track your growth through your socials and email list.

I also provide you with a 15 minute training video on how to use the calendar.

All this for just £9.99.

It’s available right now.

I have used this spreadsheet in my business and in my clients and it works.

Now is the time to get organised for 2023. Get your year in gear, so you can just get implementing.