What's your why

What made you start your business?

What’s your why?

Another weekend has flown past and yesterday I was finalising my first FREEBIE introductory course for people who are ‘Thinking about starting a children’s activity business‘ In this course I discuss the importance of understanding your why and how it can be used as a tool to motivate you.

Over the years I awarded many franchises and when we held our discovery calls I always asked applicants why do you want to start a business? and the reasons always varied from wanting to be at home with their children, from needing a work-life balance through to people wanting a complete career change.

I came into the industry, because I just had my first daughter and although I had a career in sports development, I did not want to return to full time employment. However I did want to have some independence with the opportunity to earn an income.

I chose franchising, because it allowed me to have the independence I craved. It also gave me the opportunity to work alongside like minded individuals and be part of a team. I could also earn an income, so it was win-win!

When you start or run a business you will experience the highs and lows. I call it the roller coaster of emotions. Its on those difficult days that you need to remember why you started that business in the first place. Its your why, that gets you through those tough days. So next time you hit a sticky patch, reflect back to your why and use it as tool to motivate you to move forward.

I would love to know what you why? Why did you start your business? What option did you chose? Independent, franchise or license? And have you used you why to get you through those sticky patches?

If you’re thinking about starting a Children’s Activity Business and not sure what your options are within the industry then my FREE introduction course will be perfect for you. Register your interest today!

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